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Poorly designed post-frame steel buildings in Spokane can hold in heat on hot summer days, making them a miserable place to work. A well-designed pole building shop in Spokane can be a comfortable place to work all year. Follow these tips to keep your pole building in Spokane cool this summer.

Tip #1 – Insulate the Roof and Walls of Your Post-Frame Steel Buildings in Spokane

Insulating the roof and walls is one of the most effective ways to keep your post-frame steel building cool in the summer. This prevents heat from entering your building and keeps it cooler inside. Be sure to use high-quality insulation that is designed for metal buildings, as this will ensure maximum efficiency. Also, seal gaps in the seams or frames to prevent additional air leakage.

Tip #2 – Install a Ventilation System in Your Post-Frame Steel Buildings in Spokane

A ventilation system can help keep your building cool by removing hot, humid air from the inside and drawing cooler air from the outside. This can be done more efficiently with an automated system that runs on a timer to ensure proper airflow. You can also install exhaust fans in areas where heat tends to accumulate.

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Tip #3 – Utilize Natural Ventilation

In addition to an automated system, you can use natural ventilation to keep your post-frame garage in Spokane cool. This means opening windows and doors when possible, for airflow. Open them on opposite sides of the building to circulate a cool breeze. You should also install window shades to keep direct sunlight from entering the building and heating it up.

Tip #4 – Paint the Building White or Light Colors

Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, so choose white or other light colors when you design your post-frame steel buildings in Spokane. Additionally, you can install reflective roof coatings to help prevent heat from entering the building through the roof. This will also improve energy efficiency and reduce your cooling costs.

Tip #5 – Landscape Strategically Around Your Post-Frame Steel Buildings in Spokane

Planting trees around your post-frame steel buildings can provide shade and keep them cool in summer. Choose deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the winter, so they don’t block out all the sunlight. You can also install awnings over windows and doors to provide shade and reduce heat gain.

Tip #6 – Install Window Treatments

Installing blinds or other window treatments on your post-frame garage in Spokane will help keep it cool in summer by blocking direct sunlight and preventing heat from entering the building. Opt for lighter colors that will reflect sunlight and be sure to use thermal curtains or insulated blinds to trap cool air.

Tip #7 – Invest in an Air Conditioner

If all else fails, you can always invest in an air conditioner for your post-frame steel buildings in Spokane. This is a more expensive option but is also the most effective way to keep your building cool in summer. Make sure to invest in a high-quality unit designed for metal buildings with an energy-efficient rating.

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By following these tips, you can ensure that your post-frame steel buildings in Spokane stay cool and comfortable this summer. From insulating the roof and walls to installing a ventilation system and investing in an air conditioner, there are plenty of ways to keep your building cool.

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