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Post frame steel buildings in Wyoming don’t have to be freezing cold inside all winter long. If you need a warm building, the best place to start is with insulation. A well-sealed and insulated building will retain heat effectively and allow you to work inside, keep your animals safe, and protect your barn’s contents from damage. It is best to integrate insulation into your building’s design before beginning construction, so speak to your custom post frame builders in Wyoming about it if you haven’t built yet. If your building is already standing, don’t worry. You can still add insulation after the construction of your new building is finalized.

#1 – Vapor/Moisture Barrier

We recommend installing a vapor or moisture barrier on the roof to protect your agricultural buildings in Wyoming. Most pole barn builders in Wyoming will offer a moisture barrier option in the building’s design.

#2 – Wall Design

Post-frame buildings typically use 6-to-8-inch vertical supports in their walls. This creates a generous 6-to-8-inch space that can be filled with the insulation of your choice. If you intend to add insulation or interior walls, be sure to mention that to your builder before construction. They can adjust floor height, electrical conduit, and other elements of the building’s structure to maximize the effectiveness of insulation.

#3 – Ventilation

While it may seem counterintuitive, adequate ventilation is essential for maintaining appropriate moisture levels and temperature inside your barn. Ventilation is also essential if you plan on including a gas or wood-powered heat source in your barn.

#4 – Flooring

If you intend to heat your building effectively and maintain a comfortable temperature inside, this will be achieved most successfully and affordably with a cement floor inside. Dirt and gravel floors should only be used if your barn houses certain types of livestock that will suffer hoof injuries from standing on cement floors for a prolonged period.

#5 – Insulation

The type, size, and amount of insulation you use will depend on your barn’s intended use and your budget. Spray foam insulation is generally considered the most efficient but is also the most expensive option. You may also consider fiberglass roll insulation, denim or mineral wool batts, extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyiso board, and others. If you live in an area with extremely cold temperatures for extended periods, you may also consider adding insulation below the cement slab.

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