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An ideal workshop or garage in Wyoming only comes to exist with careful planning and professional building design. If you are considering building a woodshop in a pole building in Wyoming, remember that the most crucial part of the construction process is the design. So, before you break ground on your new garage hobby shop in Wyoming, consider including some of the following elements in your building’s design.

#1 – Shop Size

The size of your shop will necessarily limit the size of projects you can complete inside and the amount of storage you have available. There is no benefit to building too big, but building too small has serious negative consequences. Carefully consider how you plan to use your space and build accordingly. When in doubt, build slightly larger than what you expect you will need. It is better to have a little extra space than to not have enough.

#2 – Lumber Storage

A woodshop needs sufficient space to store lumber and scraps. We suggest you plan to build a rack that can hold your lumber safely without contributing to unnecessary warping and other deformations.

#3 – Window and Door Selection

Never underestimate the importance of carefully selecting windows and doors for your workshop. The simplest shops only need one or two doors, but you may need more. Make sure door size doesn’t limit the size of machinery you can install or equipment you can store.

#4 – Dust Collection

Dust collection systems not only help keep your shop clean, but they are an essential piece of shop safety equipment. Studies have proven the many adverse long-term effects of breathing in sawdust and sanding dust. Because dust-collection systems are an essential part of woodshops, we suggest integrating your dust-collection system into the building’s design.

#5 – Tool Storage

Every shop and every carpenter uses a slightly different collection of tools. How do you plan on storing your tools? Consider tool storage carefully during the design phase of your building, or you may end up with less floor space than you need. Tool Storage is essential to any workshop, and more tools require more storage space.

#6 – Insulation and Ventilation

Metal buildings in Wyoming can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer if not adequately insulated and ventilated. Well-insulated metal buildings in Wyoming will still require a heat source if you want to keep them warm in the winter. Still, the correct application of insulation products can drastically reduce heating costs.

#7 – WiFi

If you operate a woodworking or carpentry business, you know that internet connectivity is a necessary tool for communicating with clients and ordering products.

#8 – Plumbing

Some hobby shops may not need plumbing and bathrooms, but if you intend to spend large amounts of time working in your new building, don’t forget to plan for bathrooms and wash areas.

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