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No matter how big your barn is, it only takes a few years to fill it up. However, before you build a new barn or garage in Montana, ensure you use the space you already have at maximum efficiency. If you are currently in the planning process for a new building, speak to your custom post frame builders in Montana about implementing some of the following ideas. If your barn is already in use, consider how you might better use the space you have.

#1 – Toss the Junk

Most barns, storage buildings, and agricultural buildings in Montana are big enough that you could lose something inside. If you have piles of boxes or other junk you haven’t touched in years, throw it out, sell it, or give it away. There is no benefit in saving something you don’t need and won’t use.

#2 – Separate the Space into Zones

Another essential part of organizing your barn is making the contents easily accessible. One strategy for this is separating the building into specific zones. This may include, for example, separate zones designated for work, tool storage, short term-storage, long-term storage, vehicles, inventory, etc.

#3 – Built-in Shelves

In most storage and workspaces, shelving is a necessity. If you need shelving in an unfinished pole barn, consider securing your shelves to an exterior wall. If this is done correctly, it will not add a significant load to the building’s structure, it will use space more efficiently than free-standing shelves, and it will be almost impossible for it to fall over. Speak to pole barn builders in Montana for specific recommendations about adding shelves to your building.

#4 – Make the Most of Overhead Space

Another common feature of many post-frame buildings is high ceilings. If you have high ceilings, are you taking advantage of all the overhead space? You may want to install high shelving or invent another method to hang some of your tools.

#5 – Add a Loft

Loft space is another excellent way of making the most of your barn. Many older pole barns were designed with hay lofts, but don’t feel like your loft has to be used for hay storage. Our clients often use loft space for storage or office space.

Don’t be afraid to get creative as you maximize the space inside your barn. If your barn is severely undersized, reorganization can only help a limited amount. You may need to expand your current building or add an additional structure.

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