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Metal buildings in Montana may not look warm from a distance, but they are an excellent choice if you need a pleasant place to work this winter. A well-built post frame building in Montana can weather heavy snow, high winds, and miserably cold temperatures. If you need a workshop, storage space, or horse barn, consider the following carefully.

Reason #1 – Post Frame Buildings are Easy to Insulate

Post frame steel buildings in Montana are typically built using laminated 6-to-8-inch vertical posts in the walls. Posts of this size create a 6-8-inch-deep cavity in the exterior walls that can be packed full of insulation. Standard stick-frame buildings typically have only 3.5 inches of space in the exterior walls for insulation.

Reason #2 – Post Frame Buildings are Strong Enough to Resist Heavy Snow Loads

One often overlooked advantage of post-frame construction is the use of trusses to support the roof. Properly built and spaced roof trusses are far superior to rafter construction in most cases. At MQS, we will consider local snow loads and wind speeds in the design of your building, including trusses and roof slopes.

Reason #3 – Post Frame Buildings are Wind Resistant

All our buildings at MQS are designed to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour, which should be more than enough in most cases. We also set all vertical posts into 42-inch-deep holes with concrete footings.

Reason #4 – Post Frame Buildings are Easily Modified

We always suggest that our clients attempt to build precisely the building they need from the start but adding onto an MQS post frame building is relatively simple. If you need additional space in the future and don’t have enough space to build another barn, you can add onto an existing MQS post frame building.

Reason #5 – Post Frame Buildings are Cost Effective

If you need a new space for storage or work, post frame metal buildings in Montana are an excellent choice. Post-frame buildings use less lumber than similarly sized stick-frame buildings and are covered in durable yet inexpensive steel siding. Not only that, but you can be sure your post-frame building will last. We offer a 40-year warranty on siding, a 50-year warranty on vertical posts, and a one-year labor warranty. You can be confident that your new building is a worthwhile investment that will be useful for decades.

MQS Barn – Custom Horse Barn Builders in Montana

We have you covered if you are interested in custom pole barns in Montana or pole building shop in Montana. When you are ready to start, we can work with you to ensure you get the steel buildings in Montana you want.

We appreciate your interest in MQS and would like to assist you in designing a building that will meet your needs at a competitive price. At MQS, we are committed to providing you with hands-on support from the design process to the completion of your new building.

To get started, give us a call or go online to receive a free quote on your project.