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A well-built pole barn or pole building in Wyoming can help your small business or family farm increase production and maximize profits. However, a poorly built pole barn or custom post frame garage in Wyoming can be a disaster. The best way to ensure you get the best building possible is by carefully selecting the right pole barn builders in Wyoming. It isn’t always easy to differentiate the good builders from the bad builders, so make sure you look out for these red flags.

Red Flag #1 – They Don’t Have Experience Building Pole Barns

In theory, post-frame buildings are simple structures. However, in practice, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Look for a builder that has built multiple post-frame buildings in the past. Experience with stick-frame construction or remodeling projects doesn’t necessarily make a builder well-suited for post-frame construction.

Red Flag #2 – They Aren’t Properly Licensed

Licensing requirements aren’t very difficult for a trained and experienced builder. If you find a contractor that either doesn’t have a contractor’s license or whose license is expired, consider the possible reasons why they don’t have a license. Did they do something unethical and lose their license? Are they incompetent? Are they too disorganized to keep up with licensing requirements? Don’t risk your investment on an unethical, incompetent, or unprofessional builder.

Red Flag #3 – They Won’t Commit to a Price

The final cost of a pole building in Wyoming can vary significantly from one building to another. Nonetheless, your builder should be able to define the cost of your building before construction starts. Don’t trust a builder who refuses to give you a final price before construction begins. They are either too disorganized to have a price or plan on jacking up the price after the work is done.

Red Flag #4 – They Don’t Answer Their Phone

The construction process, including materials acquisition, often lasts weeks or months. Some building projects require multiple sub-contractors and multiple crews. If a building contractor doesn’t answer their phone before you sign a contract, don’t expect them to be easy to locate after you sign. A professional builder will communicate well and often before and after the contract is signed.

Red Flag #5 – They Are New to the Area

Some building contractors are successful, do quality work, and stick around for decades. Other contractors don’t last for more than a year. A warranty from a defunct construction company isn’t worth the paper it is written on. If you want to be sure you get the keys to a well-built pole barn and that there will be someone to call in ten or twenty years if something goes wrong, hire a well-known contractor.

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