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No one wants to imagine that their pole barn or post frame building could catch fire. Still, wood-frame pole barns and even metal buildings in Wyoming are susceptible to fires. The good news is that there are many things you can do to prevent this kind of damage. Here are six simple tips for fire prevention.

No Smoking

Pole barns are often used to store hay, farm and work vehicles, flammable liquids, and lumber. If the conditions are just right, a cigarette butt could start a fire that gets out of control. So, if you want to smoke, smoke outside.

Store Hay, Feed, and Fertilizer Carefully

Hay stored in pole barns is known to catch fire without an external heat source such as a flame or spark. Similarly, certain fertilizers and types of animal feed are highly flammable when not stored correctly. Many, if not most, farmers choose to store hay in a dedicated hay barn.

Use Fans Designed for Barns

Agricultural barns often use exhaust fans and ceiling fans to circulate air, cool, and improve the air quality. We suggest using fans designed for the dusty environment inside barns. Not all fans are the same, so make sure your fans are designed for agricultural purposes.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher in Your Barn

At a minimum, your barn should have one fire extinguisher. Large barns should have more. If you store flammables inside your barn, ensure you have the required extinguisher stipulated on the MSDS or PSDS sheet. This may require sand, water, or other types of chemical extinguishers.

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Hire a Professional Electrician to Install or Inspect Your Electrical System

When building a barn, we highly suggest working with a licensed electrician even if it isn’t required. Although many barns have very simple electrical systems, resist the temptation to install wiring on your own. A small mistake can have severe consequences.

Keep it Clean

A fire can’t burn if there is nothing to ignite. Sweep up hay from where it doesn’t belong. Collect wood scraps, leaves, and fallen limbs. Store flammables in a fire-safe cabinet. Clean up oil or fuel spills as soon as they occur. It is also best to keep at least ten feet between your building and any trees. This will help prevent fire from spreading to or from your barn if something does start burning.

Build a Custom Post Frame Garage in Wyoming

Post-frame construction is an excellent choice for building a garage, cattle barn, or other agricultural buildings in Wyoming. Pole barns are durable, cost-efficient, and offer excellent flexibility for any unique design requirements.

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