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Pole barns and farm buildings in Wyoming are indispensable for most agricultural businesses. Post-frame buildings are incredibly strong and weather resistant but are still vulnerable to severe weather, especially if they aren’t cared for adequately. Here are some suggestions to prepare your pole barn or post-frame garage in Wyoming for wind, rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature brings.

Tip #1 – Keep Up with Roof Maintenance

Your roof is generally the most vulnerable part of your building during high winds. If you want to keep your roof in optimal shape, keep it clean and repair any leaks or loose panels as soon as you can.

Tip #2 – Trim Nearby Trees

Your post-frame building should have no problem handling winds over 100mph in most instances, but old trees and rotten tree branches will surely suffer damage. Keep trees near your barn trimmed neatly and turn older, dying trees into firewood. You’ll be glad you did.

Tip #3 – Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

We recommend roof inspections by a professional builder or roofer at least once a year. You can’t repair a problem until you know it exists. Roof inspections are challenging on extremely large or tall barns. Don’t be afraid to call someone for help inspecting your roof. You don’t want to discover a problem in the middle of a storm.

Tip #4 – Repair Damage Right Away

Farm work is hard work. Many agricultural business owners labor long hours all year long, and simple maintenance items get forgotten. Don’t let damage to your business’s most essential structures go on for too long. If a door breaks, a panel comes loose, or a leak starts, fix it immediately. If you need an extra hand with repairs, call us at MQS, and we can help.

Tip #5 – Ensure Trusses Are Attached Securely to Walls

Some older pole barns and post-frame buildings weren’t built with hurricane ties attaching their roof structure to their walls. Hurricane ties have been proven to significantly reduce roof and building damage during high winds. If your barn or garage in Wyoming doesn’t have hurricane ties, it’s time to install them. Hurricane ties are inexpensive, easy to install, and available at most hardware stores.

We Can Help You Repair or Build a Post Frame Building in Wyoming

Post-frame construction is an excellent choice for building cattle barns, horse barns, garages, and more. Pole barns are durable, cost-efficient, and offer excellent flexibility for any unique design requirements you may have.

MQS, Inc – Pole Barn Builders in Wyoming

If you are interested in custom pole barns in Wyoming, a pole building shop in Wyoming, or farm buildings in Wyoming, we have you covered.

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