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One of the best things about constructing a pole building in Wyoming is deciding how to build! Steel buildings in Wyoming are used for various purposes, from barns to workshops to homes. In particular, farmers and agricultural businesses love post-frame construction because it is fast, economical, and highly durable. When it comes time to decide on flooring for your building, consider the following options.


A continuous concrete floor will provide a solid and level foundation for most purposes. In dusty or wet conditions, concrete floors can also help reduce:

  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Soil Erosion

Concrete can be installed before or after your pole barn is built. It can also be finished with varying textures or even polished and sealed. Whenever possible, speak to your builder before construction starts if you intend to install a concrete floor. Your builder will then adjust the dimensions of your siding, door frames, and other elements so that everything fits together as it should.


A more economical choice for floors is gravel. Like concrete, gravel helps keep things inside your barn dry and reduces dust. Gravel is ideal for many storage and farm applications where concrete isn’t necessary. Gravel floors will need occasional leveling and the addition of new gravel, but this shouldn’t be very often.

Dirt, Sand, or Clay

Dirt floors are cheaper than concrete or gravel and are easily repaired. Dirt, sand, or clay is often the choice for livestock barns or owners with a tight budget. Depending on the soil where your barn is built, you may consider adding sand or clay. The right combination of dirt, sand, and clay can make your floor more stable and resist erosion better.

Livestock Mats

Another excellent option for livestock barns is livestock mats. These custom mats are widely available and are most often placed inside stalls where animals are kept. When mats are used, concrete, gravel, or dirt is generally used in aisles between stalls. Livestock mats are available in different designs and materials. Choose whichever is suitable for your animals.

Your Floor Matters

The style of floor you install in your pole building in Wyoming will significantly affect its usefulness. If you have trouble deciding what floor is best, talk with your builder. Most pole barn builders will be able to make a recommendation for flooring and explain additional costs for any custom needs.

We Build Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Post-frame construction is an excellent choice for building a garage, cattle barn, or other farm buildings in Wyoming. Pole barns are durable, cost-efficient, and offer excellent flexibility for any unique design requirements.

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