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A pole barn or post frame garage in Montana may last for more than one hundred years if taken care of adequately and built correctly. Consider the following suggestions if you want to build a barn or garage that lasts a lifetime.

Choose Quality Materials

Building on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you must sacrifice quality. We suggest building with standard 29ga steel that comes pre-finished from the factory. Our factory-finished steel will outlast many cheaper options available at the local hardware store. We also highly suggest you purchase quality doors and windows. Low-quality doors and windows will leak sooner than any other element of your post-frame building. Leaks allow moisture inside and promote the deterioration of your building’s wood structure.

Design for Longevity

A long-lasting design includes eaves, gutters, roof vents, and (in most cases) a concrete floor. The biggest enemy to your post-frame building is moisture. All of these help keep moisture out and direct water away from your building.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Metal buildings in Montana will develop problems over time, regardless of how well they were built. That is why maintenance is so essential. If dirt and debris are allowed to collect on your building’s roof, this will accelerate the formation of corrosion and rust. So, keep your roof clean. If paint starts to fade, it’s time to put on a new coat of paint. Similarly, leaks and loose siding need to be repaired right away.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

As already mentioned, moisture is your building’s biggest enemy. Cupolas, ridge vents, soffit vents, Dutch doors, and other similar features will help moist, stale air escape and let fresh air inside. Not only is this healthier for people and animals inside your building, but it is also better for the building itself. Buildings with livestock or other animals inside need extra ventilation to ensure respiratory health. If necessary, include mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fans and ceiling fans in your design.

Choose the Best Builder

The wrong builder will cut costs wherever possible to improve profitability. Choose a reputable, experienced builder with a track record of building quality buildings when you decide to build. There are plenty of fly-by-night contractors around who claim they can save you money. Don’t risk losing your investment by hiring someone you don’t know anything about.

Build a Post Frame Garage in Montana

Post-frame construction is an excellent choice for building a garage, cattle barn, or other agricultural buildings in Montana. Pole barns are durable, cost-efficient, and offer excellent flexibility for any unique design requirements.

MQS, Inc – We Build Metal Buildings in Montana

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