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It is safe to say that no two farm buildings in Wyoming are the same. Every farmer, rancher, and horse breeder has different needs, preferences, and construction budgets. This is, in part, why custom pole barns in Wyoming are so popular. You can build and customize your new pole building in Wyoming however you want. One interesting and particularly popular custom feature of many horse barns, is what we typically call a “Dutch door.”

What is a Dutch Door?

A Dutch door, stable door, or half door looks very much like a standard entry door that has been cut in half horizontally. However, both sections are held in place with at least two hinges to allow them to swing open and close independently of each other. Most Dutch doors also feature hardware that allows the top and bottom halves to be fastened together so that they operate as a single door when that is preferred.

Dutch doors are not used exclusively in farm settings. However, most historians agree that they were popularized in rural homes to allow air to circulate through the top half of the door while simultaneously keeping small farm animals and livestock from entering the house. Today, Dutch doors are most often used as stall doors in horse barns.

Why Are Dutch Doors Popular in Horse Barns?

Horse barns require more ventilation than most other farm buildings in Wyoming. Horses sweat, eat, drink, and relieve themselves inside their barns. Without proper cleaning and ventilation, horse barns would be very unpleasant places. The advantage of Dutch doors in horse barns is that air is allowed to circulate freely when the top half of the door is open, much like in older rural homes. Simultaneously, the horse is safely contained within its stall until its caretaker chooses to open the bottom section of the door and let it out.

If a horse barn is equipped with Dutch doors in each individual horse stall, the barn can be ventilated quickly and efficiently without the risk of horses escaping or resorting to mechanical ventilation methods. When necessary, both sections of the door can be closed to protect the horses from rain, snow, or other inclement weather.

Custom Post Frame Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Dutch doors are a classic architectural element of American horse barns but can be used in all kinds of buildings if the owner so chooses. Other classic elements of American horse barns include cupolas, sliding doors, and red paint. Many building owners choose to embrace the traditional elements of barn construction, while others intentionally reject the same features. Whatever you prefer for your barn, we can help you build it.

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If you are interested in building a post-frame steel building in Wyoming, a shop, or a garage in Wyoming, we are here to help.

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