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If you are interested in a new building on your property, there are many options to consider.  Many choose steel buildings in Montana.  In this article, we will explore several different benefits that a steel building can offer.  They are: 

  • Lower Insurance Rates 
  • Energy Savings 
  • Lower Maintenance 
  • Fewer Foundation Issues 
  • Low Remodel Costs 
  • Retain Value 
  • Reusable Materials 

Lower Insurance Rates 

Steel and metal buildings in Montana tend to hold up much better over time than most materials for other types of buildings.  Steel is resistant to many weather elements such as high winds, snow, and heavy rain.  Steel buildings can also withstand the damage that termites and rodents might cause different materials such as lumber.   

The durability of steel is a significant factor in why insurance rates tend to be lower for steel buildings in Montana than other structures.  

Energy Savings 

Some steel and metal buildings in Montana do not require insulation if they are used for agriculture or storage.  That factor can be very beneficial when it comes to your utility bills.  But for those buildings that require climate control, steel buildings with deep wall cavities allow for thicker, more efficient insulation.  This extra insulation results in lower energy costs. 

Lower Maintenance 

Another benefit of steel buildings, the exterior will not need to be painted every few years.  Buildings with a wood exterior tend to fade over time, which can be costly.  Also, you do not have to worry about mold, mildew, or fungi growing on steel since it is an inorganic material. 

Fewer Foundation Issues 

A steel building requires far less wood framing material than other buildings, thus making it much lighter.  The benefit of a lighter building is that there is less settling, which means there is less risk of a foundation problem in the future. 

Low Remodel Costs 

Say you want to expand one of your steel agricultural buildings in Montana; that is a much simpler process than with other types of buildings.  If you wanted to expand an end wall, simply order more frames to match the original structure.   

Retain Value 

Steel buildings tend to last for the long haul.  These structures stay true and straight for extended periods of time, thus keeping your building looking nearly the same as it did when it was first built.  It is one of the many reasons that steel is such a popular option for farm buildings in Montana. 

Reusable Materials 

Once a building is no longer needed, the framing can be sold as scrap to be used again.  Steel is one of the most robust materials available and does not lose its strength over time. 

Call MQS Barn Today! 

If you are interested in a steel building, possibly for a garage hobby shop in Montana, please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.  MQS offers a wide array of design options making it possible for you to add your personal touch to your new building.  We look forward to hearing from you!