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If you decide to add one of the many different types of metal or steel buildings in Montana to your property, MQS Barn knows there are many different things to consider.  What type of building do you want?  What colors are you going to pick?  What type of roof do you want?   

However, one thing you may not be considering when it comes to steel or metal buildings in Montana is a cupola.  Although many people think cupolas are just a feature to make the structure look more like a farm building, did you know that cupolas are very important for your building’s longevity? 

In this article, we will dive into three of the primary purposes of a cupola for agricultural buildings in Montana: 

  • Structure 
  • Ventilation 
  • Lighting 


A cupola is a dome-like structure that projects from the top of the roof of many steel and metal buildings in Montana.  A cupola is broken down into three parts: cap, vent, and base.  The cap can come in several different shapes and sizes, but typically it is a pyramid shape.  The vents come in different styles, which include windows, slats, or screens.   


Whenever you have an enclosed building, there needs to be some way for fresh air to cycle in.  If not, the air becomes stale, smelly, and dangerous.  A cupola’s most crucial role is to allow fresh air to enter the building and to remove gasses that were previously inside the building.  Another benefit of cupola ventilation is that it allows hay to cure that is being stored inside a post frame building in Montana.   


Cupolas are not strictly for design and ventilation.  Some cupolas are used to improve the lighting within a garage in Montana.   Cupolas can feature windows, which have a similar effect as the sunroof in a car or a skylight in a home.   

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Now that you know the purpose of cupolas for metal and steel buildings in Montana give us a call at to determine what types of cupolas would be best for your building.  As one of the premier custom horse barn builders in MontanaMQS Barn has the expertise to make sure any addition to your structure is done with the highest level of craftsmanship.   

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