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If you are researching different types of Montana agricultural buildings, you will likely choose between the following options: post frame buildings and pre-engineered buildings.  There are benefits to both types of Montana agricultural buildings, but this article will focus on what makes a Montana post frame building the ideal choice for you. 

Post Frame Buildings 

Wood Frame 

Known to many as pole barns, post frame buildings are incredibly durable due to their wood framed system.  Using wood frames is a less expensive option for building owners, which makes the post frame method a very popular choice for Montana farm buildings. 


Another benefit of using a post frame design is that it can be easily customized to fit the owner’s needs.  Post frame buildings do not have to be just for Montana agricultural buildings, as they are commonly used as warehouses, storage facilities, or even used for events.  A post frame building can be a very versatile option to add to your property.    


One other cost-saving feature of a Montana post frame building is that it does not require a concrete foundation.  The site just needs to be level to provide an adequate base for your new building.  Post frame buildings are secured by column posts, which are settled 42 inches into the ground.  Inserting the poles deep into the base helps transfer the weight load of your building to the ground.  This method is especially helpful during severe weather and on windy days. 

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings 

A pre-engineered steel building will end up being more expensive than a post frame structure due to the materials.  The building is mainly made up of steel, which is more expensive than wood, and is used for the columns, beams, and other building components  

Not to say a steel building in Montana is not a good option, but it will come at a higher cost.  We suggest doing ample research and ask lots of questions before you decide on the materials and design of your next steel building in Montana. 

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If you are in the market for a Montana post frame buildingcontact us online today or call to speak to a member of our team.  For over twenty years our team has built barns, sheds, and Montana garages for hundreds of satisfied customers.  Let us build the perfect structure for you!