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When making plans to build a new structure, such as a metal building, shed, or pole building in Montana, there are many things to consider.  One of the features that typically stand out on these types of buildings is the door.  You may ask, “What options are there?”  Well, MQS Barns will show you several different choices of doors for the many types of farm buildings in Montana.

A few types of doors that we’ll describe below are: 

  • Entry Doors 
  • Garage Doors 
  • Sliding Doors 
  • Hydraulic Doors 

Entry Doors 

We offer a 3 ft. 9 liite-entry door and a solid entry door.  These two options are very common choices for agricultural buildings in Montana.  They are a useful and dependable way to get in and out of your building. 

Garage Doors 

Another popular choice, especially for a garage in Montana, is a garage door.  There are different types of garage doorssuch as residential, commercial, or carriage style.  These types of doors typically function more easily compared to other door styles because they operate with a remote control, which means you won’t even have to leave your driver’s seat to open the door to your garage in Montana. 

Sliding Doors 

If your new building will be used to house horses, cattle, or other livestock, we recommend a sliding door.  These doors can be split, or you can opt for the single sliding option.  It is truly whichever option you prefer.  Sliding doors are one of the more common choices for agricultural buildings that will be used to fit larger farm equipment such as tractors, trucks, and combines. 

Hydraulic Doors 

For larger buildings that will be for commercial use, or for extremely large items such as airplanes, a hydraulic door would be a good option.  Although these are not recommended for a smaller barn or shop, these are very highquality doors that open outward and are much larger than any other door design.   

Contact MQS Barns today 

If you are looking for a reliable company for farm buildings in Montana, please give us a call at 855-MQS-BARN.  Our expert staff can guide you through the process of getting you the perfect building to fit your needs.  We can discuss many customization options like the doors listed above, as well as multiple other options that go along with getting you the perfect new building for your property.