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Fall is the best time to prepare your steel buildings in Montana for the long, cold winter months. Now that it’s October, right now is when you should be getting your barn ready to ensure your animals have a safe and comfortable space for the next few months. According to our pole barn builders in Montana, here are five ways to prepare your barn for winter. 

Stock Up On Feed

Because it’s pretty tricky for livestock to munch on lush pastures in the winter due to snow and cold temperatures, it’s important that you stock up on feed. This way you have enough food to get you by in case of a massive snowstorm. 

Deep Clean Your Barn 

Steel buildings require annual cleaning, and there’s no better time than right before winter. This is especially true if you have animals living in the building. Our pole barn builders in Montana suggest removing the bedding and putting down a new layer. We also recommend dusting as many areas as you can in your barn for higher quality air.  

Assess the Structure 

Walk around your pole barn and assess the structure. Check for any broken features, loose hinges or boards, and make sure the windows and doors function properly. Ventilation is crucial, especially during the winter. You should also check the light structures and replace any bulbs.    

Install a Heater 

There are fewer things worse than doing manual labor in a frigid barn, especially when you have animals relying on you every day. If you spend most of your time in your pole barn, installing a heater will help you get through your days without freezing to death. It will keep your animals comfortable as well! 

Winterize The Water Hoses 

Thanks to freezing temperatures, if you do not remove the water in your water hose, you will be left with a frozen hose. This is no fun, especially when you need water right away. Before a freeze rolls through, we suggest buying a hose reel to empty the hose of water each time and prevent it from forming into ice. 

Contact MQS Barn 

MQS Barns is known for constructing the best steel buildings in Montana. Our goal is to provide you with a quality structure within your budget and also provide you with hands-on personal service from start to completion. For pole barn tips, check out our blog page. If you are ready to receive a quote, fill out our convenient online form and one of our salesmen will reach out to you as soon as possible.