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Classic cars are demanding possessions and require a lot of care to keep them in good shape. If you are a classic car owner, then you know what we mean. Because these vehicles are significant investments, you should also invest in where and how you store them. Ensure you know how to store a classic car in a garage the right way by following these easy tips.  

Have a Clean Garage 

You shouldn’t be storing your classic car just anywhere. You should have a large, clean post frame garage in Montana to ensure your car is kept in pristine condition. By clean, we mean not stuffed with junk and other things that could potentially fall on your car. Plus, you need plenty of room to wax and detail your classic cars in the garage. 

Heated Garage 

The elements can have severe effects on cars, especially classic ones. Ultraviolet rays can fade a car’s paint job while rain and snow can cause rust and break down the car’s finish. However, just because your car is safe in a garage doesn’t mean it is entirely resistant from the weather. Fluctuating temperatures can cause vinyl to expand and contract, as well as wear the rubber and detail on the car. We highly recommend investing in a heated garage to help keep your car in the best condition possible, especially during the long winter months. 

Prep Your Car 

Before you throw a tarp over your car and shut it away in a garage for a few months, make sure you properly prepare it for storage: 

  • Fill the tank with premium gas 
  • Change the oil 
  • Add fuel stabilizer 
  • Wax 
  • Lubricate the cylinders, hoods, and door hinges 
  • Block the exhaust with steel wool 
  • Check all fluid levels 

Check out this blog from Side Car for more information about prepping your car for storage.  

Choose a Post Frame Building 

Metal buildings are the best choice for storing a classic car. An ordinary garage that is attached to your home is often not enough space and less than ideal for preventing exposure to the elements. This is why many people come to us when they are looking for a post frame garage in Montana to store their classic cars. These metal buildings can be built to your specific needs, and they are much stronger than other kinds of construction. 

Contact MQS Barn 

If you are looking to purchase one of our metal buildings in Montana to store your classic cars, request a quote from us today by filling out an online form or give us a call today!