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A very important step after deciding you want to add one or multiple metal buildings on your property is to prepare the site. Site prep involves the steps you must take to get your land ready to place a barn on it. The land must be stable and thoroughly inspected before any construction can begin. Our team of pole barn builders in Montana has a few tips for preparing your site for metal buildings 


Codes and Zoning

Before pole barn builders break ground, you will need to check with your city and county’s zoning codes to ensure you are able to add a barn on your property and that it will abide with guidelines. Such guidelines may include how far from property lines a building can be placed, barn size, and the barn’s intended use. 

Pole Barn Builders in Montana

Choosing a Location

Once you have checked with your local zoning codes, you can then decide where you want to place your new buildings. Depending on where you want your barn to be, you may have to consider clearing your site of vegetation. For example, placing metal buildings on soil that is full of roots and decaying material will make for a very unstable foundation. Other considerations for location include the distance from other buildings on your property, the sun’s direction, and having enough room around the area for pole barn builders to construct the building. Once a location has been chosen, the building area will then be marked.  



A clear site and proper drainage are crucial when constructing metal buildingsIf your land is uneven, adding a compactible fill material may be required to help with the elevation and drainage. Proper drainage will ensure water flows away from a building and reduces the chance of flooding. An excavator will be able to figure out the best way to improve the land’s grade to ensure proper water drainage from the barn once it is built.   


Contact MQS Barns

For more information regarding the construction process or site preparation for a pole barn, contact the team at MQS Barns. We are a family-owned and operated company specializing in erecting metal buildings in Montana with quality service at an affordable price. If you are ready to add a pole barn on your property, request a free quote from us today – it is fast and easy! Or give us a call at (855) 677-2276. We look forward to working with you.