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Constructing a pole building in Montana, Idaho, and Washington is a very exciting thing. If you plan on building a barn anytime soon, there are few ways to do so without breaking the bank. As custom post frame builders in Montana, here are four ways to save money on a pole barn.

Choose Durable Material

One of the easiest ways to save money on a pole barn is by choosing durable material. Rather than trying to save money up front by choosing inexpensive material – such as doors and windows – you will save a decent amount in the long run. Cheap materials will likely require maintenance or need to be replaced in just a few years, unlike durable material.

Carefully Choose Aesthetics

There are many features you can choose when building custom pole barns in Montana. Although, if you are trying to save money, we recommend choosing aesthetics carefully. For example, a sliding door is typically less expensive than a garage door, and the shape of the roofline can impact price too. Ask your barn builder about ways to save on aesthetics during the design process.

Install Wainscot

Installing wainscot is an excellent way to save money on your barn in the long run. Wainscot is a protective buffer for the primary structure of a barn from general wear-and-tear, such as dents and dings. Rather than having to replace an entire sidewall when it’s damaged, it is much easier to replace the wainscot instead.

Hire Amish Barn Builders in Montana

If you really want to save money on a pole barn, hiring a professional barn building company is your best bet. Amish barn builders in Montana have the experience, crew, materials, and equipment to construct a quality structure.

For more information regarding farm buildings in Montana, as well as tips and tricks, continue following along with our blog page. Additionally, if you are looking to build a pole barn this year, contact our custom post frame builders in Montana today!