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Deciding to build a pole building in Montana requires quite a bit of preparation and planning. Because a barn is permanent once it is constructed, it’s crucial to consider everything to the fullest extent. One part of the planning process that requires a decent amount of consideration is the placement and orientation of the barn. In this article, our custom post frame builders in Montana are going to discuss some tips when choosing a site for your pole barn.


One of the first decisions you need to make when choosing the location of agricultural buildings in Montana is easy access. Ensuring the barn is accessible to utilities, as well as have enough room for loading and unloading supplies, is important. Other considerations include the direction of your barn, which way the doors will face, and distance from your house.

Zoning Requirements

Before any construction begins, you need to understand and follow your area’s zoning requirements. Such requirements typically include the distance from property lines, access for fire department vehicles, and the size of barn that is allowed. Not following requirements could quickly halt the construction process and leave you without a pole building in Montana. 


Every piece of land has different slopes and drainage. Understanding your land’s drainage system is important in barn placement. For example, you don’t want water to drain down towards your barn. Otherwise you’ll end up with serious problems down the road.


Taking climate into consideration is always a good idea. In cold climates, Amish barn builders in Montana generally suggest positioning a barn where it can receive a decent amount of sun exposure and away from high winds. On the other hand, barns in warm climates should try to build in a shaded area to reduce heat buildup.

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When constructing custom pole barns in Montana with MQS Barns, our expert barn builders will offer advice on barn orientation and location. We want to ensure you receive a quality structure and one you are satisfied with for years to come. For a free quote on farm buildings in Montana, please fill out the form on our website.