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When planning the design of custom pole barns in Montana, many decisions have to be made. One essential feature that deserves serious consideration is door design. There are many options to choose from but will depend primarily on how you intend to use your barn. Continue reading to learn about the many door options for pole barns.

Entry Door

The first type of door for a pole building in Montana is an entry door. At MQS Barn, we offer a 3ft. 9-liite-entry door and a solid entry door. An entry door is very common and quite the necessity for any pole barn. It is an easy and dependable way to get in and out of a building.

Garage Door

Another common door design for pole barns, especially a garage hobby shop in Montana, is the typical garage door. Whether you choose a residential, commercial, or carriage style garage door, this type of door is beneficial for many reasons. If you intend to store vehicles in your pole barn, we recommend going with a garage door. They can be remote controlled and are a very sturdy option.

Sliding Door

For farm buildings in Montana that are used to house livestock, a sliding door is the way to go. A sliding door design can be split or single sliding; it just depends on personal preference. It is a common choice for agricultural buildings in Montana as it is big enough to fit large animals and farm machinery through, and is simple to operate.

Hydraulic Door

The most extreme door option for custom pole barns in Montana is a hydraulic door. This kind of door is very powerful and is primarily for hangars for planes and large commercial pole barns. A hydraulic door opens outward and is much larger than other designs like a garage and sliding door. It is not recommended to choose this door for a small suburban pole barn shop.

With a barn built by MQS Barn, our experienced barn builders will be able to help and suggest which door options for pole barns would be best for you.