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There are a variety of features that can you can include in a pole building in Montana. One of those things includes wainscot. Wainscot is a very common feature among pole barns, as it is both functional and ornamental. Here are some reasons why you should install pole barn wainscot.

What is Wainscot?

Wainscot is a strip of steel that is typically four feet tall and installed on the lower section of a pole barn shop. Most people who choose to add wainscot to their farm buildings in Montana choose a contrasting color from the barn itself, usually the same color as the roof.

Benefits of Wainscot

  • Protection – The first benefit of installing wainscot to agricultural buildings in Montana is for the added layer of protection. It’s not uncommon for pole barns to receive some dents and dings over time. Rather than damaging the siding, wainscot serves as a nice buffer between the primary structure.
  • Visual Appeal – As previously mentioned, wainscot adds contrast to a pole barn. It is a very simple way to add a tremendous amount of visual appeal at a low cost. Other options for wainscot other than the typical steel are stone, brick, or vinyl. All are great options and primarily depend on personal preference.
  • Easy to Replace – Next to adding a layer of protection, once wainscot has received its fair share of damage, it is very easy for custom post frame builders in Montana to replace. Not only is it easy to replace, but it is also much cheaper than replacing an entire wall.

As you can see, there are many reasons to install pole barn wainscot to your farm buildings in Montana. Not only will it protect the structure from wear and tear, but it also adds visual appeal and is easily replaceable. Wainscot is an excellent investment to consider when designing custom pole barns in Montana.