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At MQS Barns, we are committed to providing you the best custom pole barns in Montana, all while working with you from start to finish to ensure a smooth process. If you’ve recently decided you want to build a pole building in Montana, we’ve compiled a short list of four steps when preparing for a pole barn for you to follow.

Preparing for a Pole Barn: Permit

The next step after deciding you want to build a pole building in Montana is to receive a building permit. Here at MQS Barn, it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for a permit if required. Checking with your county’s building restrictions and required setbacks from property lines are also necessary.

Building Orientation

A sometimes overlooked, yet essential, consideration to make when preparing to build any custom pole barns in Montana is the building orientation. What direction do you want your building to face? Where do you want your building on your property? Building access, a level site, average wind conditions, winter weather conditions, and consideration for future expansion are all critical when assessing building orientation. If you are unsure, our custom post frame builders in Montana will be happy to visit your land and make suggestions.

Site Preparation

Once you’ve decided where to build your farm buildings in Montana, site preparation is the next step. At MQS Barns, if you want a concrete floor, it is your responsibility to provide 4″ of level rock base or fill sand.

Decide on Features

How you intend to use your pole barn will determine the features you need. For example, if you are going to build a garage hobby shop in Montana, going with a garage door rather than a split sliding door may be more beneficial. Other standard features for consideration include attic space, windows, wainscot, a cupola, and flooring material.