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A pole barn makes for a wonderful home for horses. When working with custom horse barn builders in Montana, you will find that there are many options available to include in a horse barn.

Sliding Door

A horse barn requires different doors than an average building. A horse needs a large door to walk through, and the best kind to include in a pole building in Montana is a sliding door. At MQS Barn we offer a split slider, a single slider, and Dutch sliding door.

Attic Space

Including attic space in farm buildings in Montana is always a smart idea. Many of our customers prefer to add an attic in their horse barn to store hay and feed.


A cupola is a very common feature that we add to our custom pole barns in Montana. A cupola is a small box that sits atop the roof of a barn to provide additional ventilation to the building. It is very beneficial when a barn has an attic to keep hay dry.

Tack Room

Just as stalls are essential in a horse barn, so is a tack room. Whether you ride professionally, teach lessons, or just for fun, a tack room is a great place to designate your riding equipment in your pole building in Montana.

Indoor Riding Arena

One feature many customers choose to add to their agricultural buildings in Montana is an indoor riding arena. An enclosed space to ride your horse has many benefits. From getting to ride in any weather, at any time, and away from distractions, our custom post frame builders in Montana always suggest adding an indoor arena.

Wash Stall

Horses need showers just like us humans, which is why a wash stall is always good to include in a horse barn. Similar to an indoor riding arena, an indoor wash stall lets you wash your horses at any time and in any weather.