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If you’re looking for a place to store your vehicles, farm equipment, horses, or even serve as your hobby shop, pole building in Montana is your best option. Post frame construction is a relatively simple building process that involves placing laminated columns in the ground, rather than using a concrete foundation. Whether you build it yourself or hire Amish barn builders in Montana, there are a few tips on building a pole barn that are important to know about. 

Building codes 

Before any planning and construction begins, you must first check with your city and states building codes. It’s crucial that you follow all of the requirements to avoid any fines. 

Spacing of columns  

What makes post frame unique compared to traditional forms of construction is that columns are spaced far apart, typically between six and twelve feet. If you are looking to save money on custom pole barns in Montana, one way you can do so is by spacing the columns further apart.  

Build with flexibility in mind 

It’s not uncommon for people with farm buildings in Montana wanting to extend their current structure. When you decide where you want to build your pole barn (that also meets building codes), custom horse barn builders in Montana suggest you choose a spot with surrounding space for possible future expansion.   

Install wainscot 

Agricultural buildings in Montana will undoubtedly receive dents and dings over the years due to either the weather or vehicles driving by throwing gravel at the sides. Rather than replacing an entire wall of a building, you can install wainscot. Wainscot is steel paneling that is typically four feet tall and wraps around the bottom of a building. Replacing wainscot is much cheaper than an entire wall. 

For a free estimate on your dream pole barn, you can request one on our website. One of our custom post frame builders in Montana will be glad to talk to you and get you started.