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Pole barn construction can happen any time of the year, but custom post frame builders in Montana believe fall is the ideal time for many reasons. With September here and cold weather moving in, now is the time to jump the gun on constructing your dream pole building in Montana. Here is why fall is the best time for building a pole barn: 

Beautiful Weather 

In Montana, where the hottest month is July and the coldest month is January, fall months have perfect weather conditions for constructing custom pole barns in Montana. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s still possible to build during the winter, but there is a considerable likelihood of many weather delays. Additionally, the cold makes it difficult for concrete to dry. Fall, on the other hand, has perfect temperatures for Amish barn builders in Montana to work in and the falling leaves will make your new barn look stunning!  

Have Your Building Before Winter 

No matter how you intend to use your barn, whether it’s to house livestock, store equipment, or even be your man cave, we’re certain you will want a nice, warm barn to go to during the winter. 

If you’ve been putting off constructing your farm buildings in Montana, now is the time to do it! Whether you want to build your first pole barn or third, the team at MQS Barns has the experience necessary to construct the best agricultural buildings in Montana. To learn more about us or request a quote, visit or site or call (855) 677-2276.