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When planning for construction on your pole building in Montana, there are quite a few considerations that need to be made, one of which is flooring. How you plan to use your pole barn will depend on what flooring material you will need to have installed. As custom post frame builders in Montana, we are going to discuss the many flooring options for pole barns. 


One of the most common flooring materials for custom pole barns in Montana is concrete. Concrete works well for pole barns that are used as a car garage, storage unit, or a garage hobby shop in Montana. Concrete is very reliable, lasts for years, and is relatively easy to clean. We do not necessarily recommend concrete for horse barns as it is relatively rough on hooves.


For those looking for a cheaper alternative to concrete, another common option is dirt flooring. Dirt works well in farm buildings in Montana that are used for storing large farm equipment and livestock. However, with a dirt floor, you can expect mud which gets pretty messy. You will also most likely need to relay the dirt every couple of years if you house livestock because urine will become trapped and start leaving an unpleasant smell in agricultural buildings in Montana. 

Livestock Mats 

If you choose to pour concrete for your barn that will have equestrian stalls and be used to house livestock, custom horse barn builders in Montana highly recommend laying down livestock mats. These mats are typically rubber and are specially made to provide a gentle flooring experience for animals walking on it.