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A huge advantage of owning a pole building in Montana is the minimal maintenance that is required. However, wear and tear may occur over time and repairs will need to be made. Here are some of the most common maintenance and procedures for your pole barn according to custom post frame builders in Montana. 



The first maintenance procedure you should invest time inspecting in are the doors. Options for doors for custom pole barns in Montana include a garage, split sliding, and typical entry doors. Garage and sliding doors need to be inspected periodically to ensure stop seals are in place, rollers are lubricated, and that doorjambs and openings work correctly. 



There are many options to flooring farm buildings in Montana. Options include dirt, sand, concrete, crushed limestone, etc. How you plan to use your building will determine what flooring option you go with. Concrete, for example, is a very durable and easy to clean, while dirt, on the other hand, is much messier. If you have dirt flooring, replacing it every other year or so is necessary, especially if you house livestock in agricultural buildings in Montana 



Proper ventilation is crucial for a properly working pole barn. Ventilation is what keeps condensation at a minimum and allows for adequate airflow in the attic. Amish barn builders in Montana suggest checking your barns ventilation to make sure it is working appropriately.  


Siding and Wainscot 

A major benefit of custom pole barns in Montana is its metal siding. However, poor weather conditions can cause wear and tear to it, such as flying stones denting the siding or farm equipment bumping into it. We highly suggest adding wainscot to your building, as it is much easier to replace when damaged than an entire wall.