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There is a lot to consider when building custom pole barns in MontanaFortunately, roofing material doesn’t have to be one of themThe best material one could choose for their pole barn in Montana is metal. Metal has many advantages such as aesthetics and is great for any regional climate.  Let’s learn about metal roofing for pole barns in Montana.


Metal Roofing 

For those looking for an environmentally sustainable roofing material metal is a great option and is one of the most common roofing materials available for farm buildings in Montana. Metal is energy efficient and often made of recycled material. During the summer months, metal reflects heat away from a building and keeps the inside of the building cooler. For parts of the country that receive brutal winters, such as Montana, metal is a preferred material as it easily allows snow and water to slide off. It is also very resistant to storms that bring hail and strong winds. Compared to other materials, such as shingles, metal has a much longer life expectancy.  


Final Considerations 

Metal is a great option for agricultural buildings in Montana. Here at MQS Barns, you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your preferences. Metal has more advantages than disadvantages; however, it all boils down to personal preferences for aesthetics, regional climate, your budget, and building purpose. 


At MQS Barns, we are custom post frame builders in Montana and are ready to design and build your dream pole barn. During the process, we will help you and make suggestions on the right materials for you to get the most out of your pole building in MontanaGive our custom horse barn builders in Montana a call to receive a free consultation and get started with building your new pole barn!