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If you are considering custom pole barns in Montana, there are two kinds of construction styles to choose from: post-frame construction and pre-engineered construction. If you aren’t experienced in this industry, we will explain the difference between the two types of construction to give you a better understanding.  Post-Frame & Pre-Engineered Construction In Montana.



A post-frame construction (also commonly known as pole barn) is an engineered wood-framed system. It is a very common construction process among Amish barn builders in Montana as it is an inexpensive option and requires minimal maintenance. Another major benefit of constructing a pole building in Montana using post-frame construction process is its adaptable design and not being limited to just agricultural buildings. Post frame buildings can be built for fire stations, schools, venue spaces, or even a garage hobby shop in Montana. 


No concrete foundation is needed to build a post frame building, as all it requires is a leveled site. Instead, laminated column posts are settled 42″ into the ground, which helps transfer the force of heavy wind conditions and severe weather into the ground.  



While post-frame is constructed from wood, pre-engineered buildings are constructed out of steel. The pre-engineered construction process for farm buildings in Montana is a bit more expensive than post frame. These buildings are built using steel columns, beams, and other components and are relatively adaptable to design according to your needs.   


The installation process requires an engineered concrete foundation and more material to build, unlike post-frame construction.  


When it comes down to it, we at MQS Barns recognize ourselves as custom post frame builders in Montana. Post-frame buildings have many benefits that make it ideal for nearly any building. If you are looking to construct farm storage, event space, or agricultural buildings in Montana, look no further than MQS Barns.