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A pole building in Spokane is the ideal place to store your boat this winter. Pole buildings are weather-resistant, attractive, and affordable. Follow these tips to keep your boat in top condition all winter and ensure it is ready for Spring.

Tip #1 – Clean and Dry Your Boat Stored in Your Pole Building in Spokane

Before storing your boat, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, grime, or residue from the water. This will prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion from forming during storage. Be sure to also dry your boat entirely before placing it in storage.

Tip #2 – Change the Oil and Filter

It’s important to change the oil and filter before storing your boat for the winter. This will remove any contaminants that could cause damage if left to sit over the winter months.

Pole Building in Spokane

Tip #3 – Build a Concrete Floor in Your Pole Building in Spokane

If you have a pole building in Spokane with no concrete floor, consider adding one before storing your boat. This will help prevent moisture from seeping into the building and causing damage to your boat.

Tip #4 – Build a Custom Pole Building in Spokane

Consider building a custom pole building in Spokane specifically for storing your boat. This will give you the space and features you need to keep your boat in top condition all winter.

Tip #5 – Store Boat on Blocks

Avoid storing your boat on its trailer for extended periods, as it can cause damage to the tires and suspension. Instead, use blocks or a boat stand to support your boat’s weight properly.

Tip #6 – Check for Leaks

Before placing your boat in storage, check for any leaks that may have developed during the season. If you find any, make sure to have them repaired before storing your boat.

Tip #7 – Protect Against Rodents in Your Pole Building in Spokane

Pests like rodents can cause damage to your boat during storage. To prevent this, seal any openings in your building and use rodent-repellent products inside.

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Tip #8 – Cover Vents and Openings

Cover any vents or openings in your building with mesh or screens to keep out unwanted pests and debris. This will also help to improve air circulation and prevent mold growth.

Tip #9 – Prop Open Hatches and Doors

Propping open hatches and doors will allow for better air circulation within your boat, helping to prevent mildew and mold from forming.

Tip #10 – Drain and Flush Water Systems

Before storing your boat, drain and flush all water systems, including the engine, tanks, and pumps. This will prevent any remaining water from freezing and causing damage.

Pole Building in Spokane

Tip #11 – Use a Boat Cover Even Inside Your Pole Building in Spokane

A boat cover can protect your boat from dust, debris, and more. Secure the cover to prevent it from coming loose.

Tip #12 – Check Trailer Tire Pressure

If you will store your boat on its trailer, check the tire pressure and inflate if needed. This will prevent flat spots from forming during storage.

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