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Metal buildings in Montana are an excellent place to keep your horses warm and healthy when the weather gets cold. The best custom horse barn builders in Montana typically prefer post-frame buildings with steel siding because they are exceptionally durable and weather-resistant structures. If you are concerned about the health of your horses this winter, consider the following suggestions.

Feed and Fresh Water

Most horse breeds are strong enough to thrive during the winter. Nonetheless, this requires a hearty diet and plenty of fresh water. Dehydration and insufficient calories can lower your horse’s defenses and make it more difficult for them to produce adequate body heat.

Check for Drafts in Your Metal Buildings in Montana

If any of your horses are not enjoying perfect health, caring for them and ensuring they are warm is critical for recovering their strength. Check your barn for gaps or loose siding, loose roofing, and doors that don’t close as they should. Winter winds will find their way through openings in your building’s structure if any exist. Identify any problems as soon as you can and repair them quickly.

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Barn Insulation

When horses are kept inside, they don’t have space to run and exercise to warm themselves. Winter nights in Wyoming and Montana often reach temperatures well below O° F. Barn insulation can help keep your barn’s interior warmer and your horses healthier. If you haven’t built your new barn yet, you should seriously consider including insulation in your design. If your current building doesn’t have insulation, consider adding it.


When trying to keep your barn’s interior warm, it may seem out of place to worry about adequate ventilation. Nonetheless, fresh air is critical for your horses’ health, even when it is cold outside. Soffit and ridge vents are often sufficient to keep air circulating during the winter, but this depends on the size of your barn and the number of animals housed inside. Efficient ventilation can also reduce humidity and condensation––both of which can be harmful to your horses and your building.

The ideal ventilation system design for your barn must factor in building size, animal size, and airflow. Learn more about horse barn ventilation here.

Building a warm and weather-resistant building isn’t extremely difficult, but it does require attention to detail and a little experience. At MQS Barn, we can build an excellent barn specifically designed to your needs and specifications.

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