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A new garage in Montana is the best place to keep your cars this winter. If you don’t have one already or need a bigger garage, be sure to design your new building carefully. At MQS, we build steel buildings in Montana every day, and we can help you build the perfect new structure to keep your vehicles out of the weather.

Build Big

Detached garages are a lot like utility rooms and closets––you can always find something else that you want to store inside. Don’t make the mistake of building a garage with just enough space for your car and nothing more. In most cases, a building that is 50% bigger doesn’t cost 50% more. Discuss building size with your contractor and ask for prices on a building a little larger than what you had in mind. You may be surprised at how accessible a larger building can be.


A garage needs to have at least two doors: the overhead door for pulling your vehicle inside and a (much) smaller personnel door. If you don’t currently own a one-ton pickup truck or some other extra-wide vehicle, you may question the practicality of a large garage door. Nonetheless, it is wise to make your garage a flexible space that can be used for vehicles of all different sizes.


Lighting is a critical aspect of any building, and your new garage is no exception. A well-lit garage is more useful and practical than a dark garage. Consider installing overhead LED lights and at least two windows. Most homeowners also enjoy having exterior security lights that turn on with motion sensors.


The last part of making the perfect garage is customizing it to your particular needs. Do you use an engine block heater and battery tender? Ensure you install electrical outlets close enough to your vehicles to avoid unnecessary extension cords. Do you intend to store gardening tools? Build a rack for your shovels, rakes, and other tools. Plan ahead for storage shelves, work benches, and overhead storage. Every garage is used a little differently. Make yours unique and as useful as it can be.

The key to building the most useful garage possible is a well-planned design. Consider all the available possibilities, and don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles.

MQS Barn We Can Build Your New Garage in Montana

We have you covered if you are interested in steel buildings in Montana or a post frame building in Montana. When you are ready to start, we can work with you to ensure you get the agricultural buildings in Montana you need.

MQS is a family-owned and operated company specializing in post-frame, steel-sided structures, and custom metal buildings in Montana.

Looking for Amish barn builders in Montana? The co-founder and co-owner of MQS Barn, Mark Stoltzfus, began his building career with his Amish Mennonite family and applies the same work ethic and expert craftsmanship on every project we do.

To get started, give us a call or go online to receive a free quote on your project.