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With a little extra work and careful planning, post-frame buildings can be used for almost anything. They are often used as agricultural buildings, warehouses, retail space, residences, custom post frame garages in Montana, and more. Another unique advantage of choosing post frame construction is that post frame buildings can relatively easily be divided into sections used for very different purposes.

Barn and Residence

A combination barn and single-family home is one of the most popular applications of multi-purpose post-frame construction. Commonly called barndominiums, these multi-purpose buildings allow the owner to simplify construction by including both their barn (or oversized garage) and home under the same roof. If you are interested in building both a home and a large garage in Montana, a barndominium may be right for you. Barndominiums are also popular for vacation homes where the owners need a small living space but a large space for a boat, RV, or other recreational equipment.

Agricultural Barn and Workshop

Any farmer can tell you that there is nothing strange about working inside farm buildings in Montana. Post frame design allows the building owner to make a clean separation between the area used for equipment storage or animals and a well-equipped workshop. Another significant advantage of post-frame construction is the ability to create large open spaces suitable for storing oversized farm equipment and custom workshop machinery.


Office Space and Living Space

Many small business owners find it beneficial to combine their office space and living quarters. One typical example of this is found in many mini-storage unit businesses. To better guarantee the security of the storage units, many owners or managers live on site. This then requires a private living space and a separate office space for handling business with customers. Fortunately, post-frame buildings can be finished out to be as nice or nicer than any luxury home.

Retail Space and Office Space

Post frame metal buildings in Montana are often used for gas stations, retail businesses, strip malls, doctor’s offices, and office space. It is logical that small to medium-sized retail businesses would combine office and retail space under the same roof. This helps save space, cut costs, and simplify operations.

 Build Exactly What You Need

A post frame building can be used in innumerable ways, but more importantly, post-frame metal buildings in Montana can be used for whatever you need. Post frame buildings are also cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, durable, attractive, and take less time to build than many other construction methods.


MQS, Inc – Pole Barn Builders in Montana

If you are interested in constructing a pole building shop in Montana, a home, or a garage in Montana, we are here to help.

When you are ready to get started, we can work with you to make sure you get exactly the building you want. MQS, Inc. is one of the largest builders of post frame buildings and agricultural buildings in Montana. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you build exactly what you need.

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