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Proper ventilation is a critical element of agricultural buildings in Montana. Unventilated barns hold excessive moisture levels that can lead to premature decay of building materials and contribute to an unhealthy environment for farm animals. If you want to build your barn the right way, it is essential to integrate sufficient ventilation into your building’s design. Most custom horse barn builders in Montana will use multiple ventilation methods to ensure optimal results.

Conditions Requiring Higher than Average Ventilation

If you plan on housing animals such as horses, cattle, goats, or sheep, your barn will need significantly more fresh air than a storage building or shop would require. Animals generate heat, sweat, drink water, and produce waste and carbon dioxide. Suppose you don’t plan to house animals in your building but plan on painting inside your barn or handling dangerous chemicals? In that case, we highly recommend you plan carefully for additional ventilation specifically suited for these purposes.

Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are the most basic design elements that contribute to ventilation in custom pole barns in Montana. If your building needs higher than average ventilation, include plenty of windows and larger than average doors.

Cupolas and Ridge Vents

Despite their origins in Italy, cupolas are a classic architectural feature of American barns. Cupolas and ridge vents allow warm (and often stale) air to escape through the top of your barn’s roof without allowing rain or snow in at the same time.

Mechanical Ventilation

In any building used to house animals, store produce, or where potentially hazardous chemicals are used, mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fans and ceiling fans are standard. Exhaust fans can be designed to turn on and off automatically depending on the temperature and humidity inside the building if the owner chooses.

Roof Overhangs

We recommend that roof overhangs be included in the design of all our buildings, but not all steel buildings in Montana utilize them. Overhangs allow fresh air to move between the highest point of barn walls and below the roof. Barns equipped with cupolas or ridge vents will naturally expel warm air through the cupolas and ridge vents and simultaneously draw in fresh air through soffit vents or unfinished overhangs.

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