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Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or have some extra property that could use another structure, you might be thinking about adding a standalone garage. A garage in Montana can increase your property’s value and be an extremely valuable structure that can be used for numerous different things. You can use it for storing supplies, mechanical work, or simply to protect extra vehicles and equipment on the farm. You will quickly find that there is always a use for Montana garages.

Before the construction begins on your new garage, make sure you consider all the different ways you can enhance and customize your structure. Things you should consider are: making sure it’s the right size, be sure there are ample doors and windows, choose exterior colors that fit your property, and numerous other items. However, one thing you may want to give some serious consideration to is wainscoting.

What is Wainscoting?

The exterior walls of many metal buildings in Montana come in two color tones. The top wall portion is the exterior wall, but if there is a second tone down below, that is the wainscoting. You might think the two-tone color pattern is just for design purposes, but wainscoting is much more than that.

Wainscot Provides Protection for Your Garage in Montana

If your garage’s primary function is to provide storage for vehicles and motorized equipment, there is always the risk of the garage’s lower walls getting scratched, scuffed, or damaged. Or, if you are mowing just outside the building, objects could be flung towards the lower walls and cause some minor damage. Wainscoting acts as an extra barrier between the lower outside walls and the elements, serving almost as a protective shield. So if there is damage to the lower exterior walls, only the wainscot would need to be repaired or replaced and not an entire wall panel. Wainscoting is an excellent investment when it comes to protecting the structural integrity of Montana garages.

Wainscot Panels are Easier to Replace

Should a wainscot panel suffer severe damage and need to be replaced, it can be done for far less than if you needed to replace an entire wall section of a Montana metal building. Typically, metal building panels are manufactured in large sheets, and even if a wall panel suffers damage in a tiny section, the whole panel will be replaced. Since wainscot is manufactured in smaller sections, it requires less money to replace for both materials and labor.

Wainscoting is Aesthetically Pleasing

Not only is wainscoting a very functional add-on to any metal or steel building in Montana, but it makes your structure look more appealing. The two-tone look is popular on certain styles of houses and interior walls, but it also makes garages, sheds, and barns really shine. You may notice that many garages with wainscot will use the same colors for both the roof and the wainscot to make the rest of the exterior wall stand out.

If you are thinking about adding a new structure to your property, a garage in Montana might just be the perfect fit for you. To get started, you can request a free quote here, or you can simply talk to one of our team members by giving us a call today!