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On the farm, every structure will eventually accumulate dirt, mud, grime, or grease; no matter if it’s a barn, shed, hobby shop, or garage in Montana. These buildings should all be kept in tip-top shape to ensure that they function as designed. One of the most effective ways to keep any structure on the farm working flawlessly is by giving it a regular power wash. This article will discuss the steps you should take when preparing to power wash Montana garages.

Invest in a Power Washer, Borrow One, or Rent One

Most farmers who own large equipment will likely already have a power washer. After all, items like tractors and large trailers won’t fit inside a car wash, so the only way to wash them is by doing so at the farm with your own power washer.

Over time, many farmers realize that purchasing a power washer is a smart decision. It can be used on vehicles, equipment, cleaning dirty sidewalks, and spraying off concrete floors. They are very effective at cleaning garages in Montana as well as numerous other structures around the farm. However, if you don’t think you will use a power washer regularly, you can always borrow one from a friend or rent one from a local hardware store.

Give Your Montana Garage a Pre-Soak

Just like when you wash your car or truck and a local car wash facility, you want to wash the exterior of your building with only water the first time through. A pre-soak will remove heavy amounts of dirt, mud, grime, and grease before you apply any type of cleaning solution. When you are doing your pre-soak, make sure the water pressure is on a low setting. This is to ensure that none of the outside panels or paint on your Montana steel building get damaged or chipped.

Add the Cleaning Mixture and Spray a Second Time

A common mixture used to clean Montana metal buildings is one-fourth a cup of laundry detergent for each gallon of water that you plan on applying. For the best results, add phosphate-free detergent to hot water and spray the exterior using low pressure. Spray each section from top to bottom while keeping the sprayer at least three feet away from the structure at all times.

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