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Living in the great northwest there is one thing you can always bank on during the winter: SNOW…lots of snow.  So, if you have a pole building shop in Coeur d’Alene, you will want to ensure that it has the strength and durability to withstand heavy snow accumulations.

At MQS we know how important snow load management is, and we keep that in mind when designing custom pole barns in Coeur d’Alene.  This article will provide information about managing heavy snow loads and the specifications we use at MQS to ensure that your building can stand up to the worst winter conditions. 

Snow Loads

One cubic foot of snow is considered a snow load.  Each snow load can weigh anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds.  Depending on the size of your pole building in Coeur d’Alene, you can only imagine how many hundreds or even thousands of pounds of snow can be sitting on the roof at one time. 


A pole building shop in Coeur d’Alene must have a structurally sound roof that can withstand heavy snow loads.  The roof’s durability significantly depends on high quality purlins that have proper spacing.   

Purlins are horizontal beams in the roof that rest on the main rafters in a farm building.  The more purlins installed, and the closer they are together, the higher your building’s snow load capacity is.  Living in Idaho, MQS always ensures that purlins meet or exceed local building code regulations so that your building’s strength is never compromised. 


A truss is the triangular shaped wooden frame that forms the top of your building.  Similar to purlins, your Coeur d’Alene pole building shop will have a higher snow load capacity if you have extra trusses in your building and that are spaced close together.  As you can see from the diagram above, a standard MQS design has closely spaced trusses throughout the roof. 


Ensure that your Coeur d’Alene farm building has proper guttering and downspouts so that drainage does not become an issue.  If water pools near your building it can potentially cause damage to the foundation or the exterior.  As long as you have the right drainage measures in place, your building will be able to withstand heavy snowfalls in Idaho. 

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