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So, you are interested in a new building to add to your Montana property.  There are different options when it comes to Montana steel buildings, and of the most trustworthy companies you can turn to for this project is MQS Barn.  Not only are we a reliable company for agricultural buildings in Montana, but we also serve parts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.  

Our team is proud to serve the northwestern United States, and we know what it takes to build high-quality Montana farm buildings that can withstand the toughest elements.  This article will explain some of the most significant benefits of why MQS Barn should be the clear choice when it comes to steel buildings in Montana. 

“…our Montana agricultural buildings are designed to withstand winds up to 90 MPH. 

Wind Resistance 

One advantage of using a company that focuses on a particular service area is that they are very familiar with the weather conditions.  MQS Barn knows that wind gusts and storms in Montana, Washington, and Idaho can be intense at times.  That is why our Montana agricultural buildings are designed to withstand winds up to 90 MPH.   

Snow Loads 

MQS Barn is very familiar with snowfall amounts in the area, which is taken into consideration during the design and building process.  All of our steel buildings in Montana are constructed with 4’ on center engineered roof trusses, designed to handle the largest winter snowstorms. 

More Lumber 

Another reason MQS Barn is one of the leading manufacturers in Montana steel buildings is that we don’t cut any corners.  Your building will be structurally sound thanks to our designs, which feature more lumber than many of our competitors.  All posts and trusses are spaced closer while extra bracing is installed throughout your building.  You can rest assured knowing that your building is built for the long-haul.  

Use Common Sizes to Save 

If you need a basic design with no major customizations, you can benefit significantly from choosing standard-size materials.  For a more in-depth description of everything we offer, contact one of our associates today. 

If you are considering a new agricultural building and want a reliable, trustworthy, and local company specializing in Montana steel buildings, contact MQS BarnWhy choose another builder when you can rely on a company that has been specializing in Washington, Idaho, and Montana farm buildings for over 20 years?! 

Give us a call today and experience first-hand the “MQS Advantage.