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Building styles and designs go in and out of style, but post frame construction is one of the few construction techniques that continue to stay. Custom pole barns built using post frame construction is an incredible investment, as it offers several benefits that add value to the building. This kind of construction relies on engineered wood-frame systems to create large open spaces, making it an excellent option for farm buildings in Montana. The following are a few post frame construction benefits.

Open Interiors

One reason why so many people prefer post frame over traditional buildings is because of the expansive interiors. Because of the strong post columns, the strength of the timber, and fewer supports needed, pole buildings are an excellent choice if you want a building with a large open space.

Significant Strength

When you want sturdy and robust farm buildings, you look to post frame construction. These buildings are much more durable than their counterparts due to the unique construction techniques used to build them. For instance, the columns go all the way into the ground, which helps make it extremely sturdy. It also tends to be the only building that is left standing post-hurricanes and earthquakes!

Quick Assembly

When you need a barn fast, you can rely on post frame construction techniques to deliver you a quality building in a matter of days. Because a post frame building in Montana contains framing members spaced far apart, fewer materials are needed to complete construction. A few reasons why it could take a while for your barn to be built include:

  • How far out the building company is booked
  • Weather
  • Problems that occur on site that affect construction


Want a barn that is customized to fit your needs? Post frame buildings can do just that. Because these buildings don’t have any load-bearing walls, you essentially have an open floor plan to design and customize the interior how you want. There are very few limits on where you can place doors, windows, and whatever else you want your barn to include.

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