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An important consideration everyone must make when they decide to build one of our custom pole barns in Montana is what size they want the barn to be. There are many size variations one can choose from when they plan the design of their new pole barn. However, if this is your first post frame building in Montana that you are having built, you may be unsure what size your barn should be. The following are three significant factors that determine pole barn size.

Zoning Restrictions

Before anyone builds any structure on their property, they must check in with their local zoning department. Every town has certain restrictions and codes that people must abide by, even when constructing farm buildings in Montana. Such restrictions include the distance from property lines, size, type of building, utility location, etc. Before pole barn builders in Montana can break ground on your new barn, you must check with your city’s zoning regulations.

Available Land

The most obvious factor determining pole barn size is how much land you have available to build a pole building in Montana. This is also where zoning restrictions come in to play, as you may only be able to build a specific size barn due to your property size.

Intended Use

Lastly, what you intend to use your new pole barn for is also a determining factor in how big or small your barn should be. Are you going to house livestock in your barn? Are you going to use your barn to serve as a workshop? A storage unit? A garage? Once you know exactly what you are going to use your barn for, it will then be easier to determine the right size.

If this is your first barn and have no idea about standard building sizes, our custom post frame builders in Montana can help you conclude what size your barn should be. However, if you have plenty of land available, we always recommend building your barn a bit larger than you intend. We find that many people regret not building their barn bigger to begin with all the time.

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