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There are many options available to add to the exterior design when it comes to curb appeal and aesthetics for farm buildings in Montana. Here at MQS Barns, we offer a few exterior options for pole barn curb appeal for our customers to choose from.


Wainscot is a very common feature among custom pole barns in Montana. It is a sheet of steel that wraps around the base of a post frame building, and is usually the same color as the roof. Not only does it provide significant curb appeal, but it is also a functional feature as it protects the main wall from damage from kicked-up debris or a vehicle driving too close to the building.


Similar to wainscot, a cupola is also a prevalent feature on agricultural buildings in Montana. A cupola is a small structure that sits atop the roof of a pole building shop to excellent curb appeal. Check out our other blog about cupolas here!

Open Lean-To

If you want to get the most out of your pole building in Montana, then we recommend adding an open lean-to. Open lean-to’s are a popular addition to many barns because of the extra space they provide. Whether you want to use it to create a porch area or store your vehicle under it, an open lean-to is an excellent way to increase curb appeal.

MQS Barns is the company to do business with if aesthetics and curb appeal matter to you. Our pole barn builders in Montana are known for their strong work ethic and expert craftsmanship with over twenty years of experience under their belt. We have demonstrated the ability to construct amazing pole barns that stand the test of time, all while at a competitive price. Request your free quote from us today by filling out our online form or give us a call today.