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Horses deserve just as much comfort in their barn as we humans do in our homes. Because of this, your agricultural barn must have proper ventilation. If you intend to build a new pole building in Montana for your horses, here is how our pole barn builders go about ensuring adequate ventilation for horse barns.

Natural Air Outlets

The best way to guarantee ventilation in a barn is by adding natural air outlets into the barn design. All barns require inlets, vents, or windows to allow fresh air to circulate and also allow stale air to escape. Most Amish barn builders in Montana recommend placing these outlets close to the roof.

Placing Hay in Another Barn

Hay and bedding don’t necessarily help when it comes to ensuring adequate ventilation. In fact, hay is a common source of mold spores and creating particles in the air. While it may not be the most convenient, storing your hay, grain, and bedding in another barn separate from your horses will help cut down on airborne particles in your horse barn and help with the quality of air.

Clean Stalls

Frequently cleaning your horse’s stalls will help guarantee sufficient ventilation. Leaving muck in the stalls increases air pollutants and ammonia fumes that can lead to respiratory problems. Not only is this harmful to the horses and other livestock, but it is detrimental to humans too.

Contact MQS Barns

If ventilation is a major concern for your new post frame building, you can feel confident in a barn built by MQS Barns. All of our custom pole barns in Montana are built with adequate ventilation in mind. For more information about our building process or to receive a free price estimate, give our custom horse barn builders in Montana a call today!