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Now that warm weather is here; it’s more than likely you will be spending some time deep cleaning your farm buildings in Montana. According to our custom post frame builders in Montana, here are a few tips for cleaning your pole barn this spring.

Cleaning the Siding

The siding of your pole barn is undoubtedly going to get dirty due to weather and other elements. If you notice that the exterior of your barn is looking a little rough, you may want to clean it before mildew forms and stains become permanent. There are a few ways you can clean the siding, but the best and most efficient way will likely be with a pressure washer. Pressure washers are very effective at removing dirt and stains compared to the average garden hose.

However, we understand if you don’t own a pressure washer or do not feel like investing in one. So, your next best solution is to use your garden hose along with a mixture of soap and water. This approach will just take a bit longer than a pressure washer.

Clean the Gutters

Whether you have trees around your pole building in Montana or not, it’s always important to check your gutters to remove any debris. This is especially important if your gutters are stuffed with leaves and twigs to avoid damage to your building.

Examine Windows and Doors

In order to maintain a protected barn interior, our Amish barn builders in Montana always suggest examining your windows and doors at least once a year. Checking the seals and overall status of the windows and doors will allow you to make any repairs and avoid any future problems from occurring.

Wash and Vacuum the Floors

No matter what you use your pole building in Montana for, cleaning the floors should definitely be a necessity. However, how you use your barn will also depend on how you clean the floors. For instance, if your barn serves as a horse barn, you may want to deep clean with a pressure washer. On the other hand, if your barn serves as your garage or storage shed, cleaning the floors with a shop vacuum will get the job done just fine.

Looking into investing in custom pole barns in Montana? Give MQS Barns a call today for a free price estimate. One of our Amish barn builders in Montana will be happy to put together the barn of your dreams. We will also answer any questions you have about post frame construction.