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Pole barns are efficient and versatile structures that many people find beneficial to have on their property. However, one way people choose to get the most out of their pole barn is by choosing energy-efficient features. According to our Amish barn builders in Montana, here are a few ways to make your pole barn energy efficient.



It is often the case that the majority of energy loss a pole barn experiences is through the ceilings and roof. If you plan on installing one of our custom pole barns in Montana, we recommend installing a reflective radiant barrier below the roof surface during construction. This will help provide insulation as well as a vapor barrier to prevent condensation.

Cool Colors

When it comes time to choose what color you want your pole building in Montana to be, we suggest keeping color in mind, specifically for the roof. In warm climates, a lighter, reflective color (like white) will help you save a substantial amount on energy by keeping the interior of your barn cool. In cooler climates, a darker color roof will attract heat and keep the interior of your building warm.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is an excellent option when deciding how to light your pole building in Montana. These lights use much less energy than other types. LED lights are also a great option, though they are a bit more expensive.

Tree Placement

If you plan on landscaping around your farm buildings in Montana, being strategic on where you plant trees is another way to make your pole barn energy efficient. If possible, it’s best to place trees where they can offer a decent amount of shade and act as barricades to the wind.

Consult Custom Post Frame Builders in Montana

When working with MQS Barns to build your agricultural buildings in Montana, our team of builders will offer you more information regarding energy-efficient options. To learn more about the energy-savings of post frame construction, give us a call today.