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When people think of post frame buildings, they often think of agricultural buildings in Montana, commercial buildings, or horse barns. But they can be used for nearly anything! Here is a list of common residential uses for a pole building in Montana.  


  1. Hobby Shop

Do you have a hobby you need a decent amount of room for, like woodworking, pottery, or painting? Do you want a space that can be just for you? Building a garage hobby shop in Montana is an excellent way for you to enjoy whatever it is you do.   

  1. Church

It’s not uncommon for post frame buildings to be built for a church. It is a very cost-effective way to create a space large enough for a congregation and can hold services, fellowship classes, or youth group activities. 

  1. Storage

Because post frame buildings can be built in nearly any shape and size, they serve great as storage buildings. If you own a boat, an RV, extra vehicles, or have an overabundance amount of “stuff,” a large pole building in Montana may serve you well.  

  1. Recreation Center/Gymnasium 

Custom pole barns in Montana are ideal for gymnasiums. Many commercial fitness centers are built using post frame construction. Coming in various sizes, they offer lots of room for activities and equipment, such as tracks, rock walls, and fully operated weight rooms.  

  1. Office 

Do you work from home or run a small business within your home? Custom post frame builders in Montana can build you your ideal office space for your work at a low price.   

The possibilities are endless for what you can do with a pole building. Ready to get started? Give MQS Barns a call and speak to one of our custom post frame builders in Montana to receive a free price estimate and get more building for your buck!