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A lot has changed since your Grandpa’s old pole barn for post frame buildings in the past few years. With today’s modern pole building in Montana, you have a number of additional add-ons you can incorporate into the design of your building to best suit your needs. Whether you use your building as a horse barn, a hobby shop, garage, or for agricultural equipment, there’s a variety of ways to upgrade and customize your new building. 



Contrary to popular belief, cupolas do more than just sit on top of your barn and look pretty. They actually were designed to provide ventilation to the loft area of a building and bring natural light in. These are great for agricultural buildings in Montana for bringing airflow into a hayloft to keep the hay dry. 



A lean-to is a simple structure that essentially is an add-on to your post frame building – pretty much a large overhang. There are three options: open, partly closed, and wrap around. An open and wrap around lean-to is a roof hanging from the side of your building supported by columns, the only difference is that a wrap around wraps around the side of your building. A partly closed lean-to is the same idea as an open, except there are walls.  


Split Siding Door 

This door is very common for custom horse barn builders in Montana to include in a design. These doors are very simple and easy to use, rather than a garage door. They are great for horse barns and storage barns as they can fit large horses and equipment through.  



Traditionally, wainscot was used for paneling the lower part of walls in a room with wood to provide insulation from the cold. Today, wainscoting is now typically used for decoration in modern homes. Wainscoting a pole barn involves steel rather than wood, and has many benefits that are often overlooked. It adds curb appeal to your building for a low cost, protects against damage and dings from large equipment, and is also super easy to replace. Consider adding wainscot to your custom pole barns in Montana. 


Overhang with Gutters/Downspouts 

An easy and smart addition to your pole building in Montana is an overhang. Overhangs protect the exterior walls from debris and rain sliding down and provide a safe way for rain to run off without ruining the foundation. Without an overhang, you risk water leaking through windows and doors, possibly leading to interior damage of your building.     


Majority of pole barn additions are relatively inexpensive and are great investments to extend the lifespan and add value to your building. At MQS Barns, our custom pole frame builders in Montana will work with you to ensure you are receiving the pole barn of your dreams. So when you’re looking for a new pole building in Montana, look to MQS.  

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