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When building custom pole barns in Montana there are a lot of details, and they are all incredibly important.  No matter how delicate or small, the details are what really makes or breaks great farm buildings in Montana.  Custom post frame builders in Montana are well trained and certified in the understanding of the major and minor construction techniques that make a huge difference with your agricultural buildings in Montana.  Here are 4 tips that will make a huge difference for Amish barn builders in Montana.

Bolt Trusses In Columns 

Screws and nails aren’t always the best choice to create the strength needed to support pole buildings in Montana.  A garage hobby shop in Montana can be heavy and needs to be structurally sound to support the amount of weight that kind of building contains.  Bolts are a great material to use.  They provide double shear since they protrude through all of the lumber in the truss column connections.

Create A 4 Foot Overlap

Any column over 20 feet in length should always utilize a 4-foot overlap pattern.  This creates a spice that is 50% stronger than typical splices that use nails.  Make sure to always use truss plates on the exterior of your columns to optimize this technique.  Custom horse barn builders in Montana heavily rely on this amazing tip to ensure their structures are sound and secure.

Wind & Corner Bracing

Make sure to always include wind bracing in the final construction process to ensure that your barn is protected from powerful winds.  Strong winds can be a huge danger to your buildings and structures in Montana and ensuring your structures are protected from these dangerous high winds.

Are Your In-Ground Columns Buried At Least 4 Feet Deep?

This is an incredibly important pole barn construction tip and ensures that your barn is going to be as sturdy as possible.  Other agricultural buildings need to be buried deeper in the ground depending on the size, design, and density of the earth.  Burying your in-ground columns at least 4-feet deep is the minimum that these columns should be buried.

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