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When consumers are looking to build new farm buildings in Montana, they often do research and find out what style of framing and building is best for them.  These consumers often find that custom pole barns in Montana are great options for their agricultural buildings in Montana.  Over our years of experience as Amish barns builders in Montana, here are the top advantages of pole buildings in Montana.

They Work On Any Terrain

Unlike most structures, pole barns don’t require the level ground to build upon.  Other styles of buildings, like stick framing, requires a lot of grading work before the construction process even begins.  Custom horse barn builders in Montana love pole buildings because they can begin building right away without any excessive grading work.

Less Wood, But Heavier Loads

Custom post frame builders in Montana don’t require intensive framing and structural support when building pole barns.  While many stick framed barns might need 16” or 24” of framing, pole barns are able to span as much as 8 feet while maintaining the appropriate handling for snow load, which is great!  The span between framing is determined by how much weight might end up on your barn’s roof from snowfall, but there is no question that with less lumber, a pole barn can handle more weight with less framing work!

Firm Foundation

Pole barns, like your garage hobby shop in Montana, do not require the foundation work that a stick framed structure requires.  While you might not spend as much as 15% of your total building budget of a stick frame barn on just the foundation work, a pole barn will only require concrete at each footer in order to properly set the poles.  This is a great way to ensure a firm foundation and a cost-effective building process.

Framing & Insulation

Because the walls in pole barns are not load bearing, you can frame your pole barn to look like a traditional stick framed structure, which is amazing!  A lot of consumers still want the look of a traditional stick framed barn while wanting the freedom that a pole barn construction process provides.  Did you know that you can get much better ventilation in a pole structure as well because of the span between the posts?  Pole barns are amazing!