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Post frame steel buildings in Spokane are increasingly becoming the choice for homeowners, property developers, landscaping enthusiasts, and small business owners. This article explores exterior design and landscaping ideas that can elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your new barn or pole building shop in Spokane.

Idea #1 – Custom Color Schemes

Choosing the right color scheme can dramatically change the appearance of your post frame steel buildings in Spokane, transforming it into an eye-catching structure that reflects your style. A well-planned color palette can also complement the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious outdoor space. Consider using bold colors for the main body to make a statement, or opt for softer, natural tones for a more subdued, blending effect. To complete the look, remember to coordinate the roof, trim, and accents.

Idea #2 – Cupolas – Steel Buildings in Spokane

A cupola adds a touch of elegance to post frame buildings and provides practical benefits, such as ventilation and natural light. When selecting a cupola, consider the size and style of your building to ensure it enhances the overall design without overwhelming it. Traditional designs work well for a classic look, while modern, sleek cupolas can complement more contemporary aesthetics. Adding a weathervane atop the cupola can also infuse personality and whimsy into the design.

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Idea #3 – Sliding Barn Doors – Steel Buildings in Spokane

Incorporating sliding barn doors is an effective way to blend functionality and rustic charm. These doors offer easy access while saving space, making them ideal for workshops, garages, or even main entrances. Choose door colors and materials that complement the building’s overall style for a cohesive exterior design. Consider incorporating glass panels in the doors to allow light in while retaining the traditional barn door appeal.

Idea #4 – Porches

Adding a porch to a post frame building creates an inviting outdoor living space and enhances curb appeal. It offers a shaded area to relax, entertain, or enjoy the view of your landscaping efforts. When designing your porch, consider its orientation to maximize sunlight or scenic views and choose materials and architectural details that align with the building’s style. Wrap-around porches provide ample space and flexibility for various activities and decoration.

Idea #5 – Driveways – Steel Buildings in Spokane

A well-designed driveway serves a practical purpose and sets the tone for your property’s aesthetic. Materials such as gravel, concrete pavers, or natural stone can complement the building’s exterior and the surrounding landscape. Consider adding lighting along the driveway for safety and highlighting the pathway during the evening hours. Curved driveways often appear more inviting and natural, softly guiding visitors toward the main entrance.

Idea #6 – Evergreen Landscaping

Incorporating evergreen plants around your post frame building ensures year-round greenery and structure in the landscape. These plants can be used as foundation plantings, hedges for privacy, or as focal points in garden beds. When selecting evergreens, consider their mature size to ensure they fit well within the space without overwhelming the building. Mixing different textures and shades of green can add depth and interest to the landscaping.

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Idea #7 – Native Plant Landscaping – Steel Buildings in Spokane

Using native plants in your landscaping not only supports local ecosystems but also requires less maintenance, as these plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Native flower beds, shrubs, and trees can provide beautiful, seasonal interest while attracting beneficial wildlife. Research local species and consult with a landscape professional to select plants that will thrive in your specific location. Grouping plants with similar water and sunlight needs can further reduce maintenance efforts.

Idea #8 – Wainscot

Adding a wainscot panel to the lower portion of your post frame building can protect the walls from wear and tear while adding architectural interest. Material options include metal, wood, or stone, each offering a different look and level of durability. The wainscot can match or contrast the main color of the building, depending on the desired effect. This feature enhances the building’s durability and adds a custom touch to the design.

Idea #9 – Minimalist Landscaping – Steel Buildings in Spokane

For those looking for a low-maintenance outdoor space, a minimalist landscaping approach can be both stylish and practical. Focus on clean lines, a restrained color palette, and a limited selection of plant species. Hardscaping elements such as concrete walkways, simple water features, and geometric plant beds can create a serene, uncluttered environment. This style complements the simplicity of post frame buildings, emphasizing architectural elements without overwhelming the space.

Idea #10 – Flags

Displaying flags can add a personal or patriotic touch to your post frame steel buildings in Spokane. Whether you choose to fly the national flag, a state flag, or a flag representing a personal interest, ensure it is mounted securely and in a prominent location. Consider the height and size of the flagpole in relation to the building to maintain balance in your exterior design. Regular maintenance of the flag and pole will keep this feature looking respectful and vibrant.

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Transforming your post frame building with thoughtful exterior design and landscaping not only enhances its visual appeal but also increases its functionality and value. From selecting the perfect color scheme to incorporating native plants and architectural elements like cupolas and porches, each decision contributes to creating an inviting and cohesive outdoor space.

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